welcome to brownschooling

supporting educators and organization leaders  in developing  inclusive practices in classrooms and workspaces that lead to meaningful relationships, academic success and productivity.




our vision

Brownschooling believes that transformative work begins with self-reflection and dialogue. Once we understand our own value system and lenses for viewing the world, we can begin to be more successful in interacting with and supporting all stakeholders. Conscious of our ability to reach a variety of educators, organization and corporate leaders, it is BrownSchooling’s goal to provide training and resources that help foster inclusive, equitable, culturally relevant environments. Through our services, we aim to facilitate continued critical reflection and provide practical tools for your team.

our core values

Cultural backgrounds should always be the compass of classroom pedagogy and workforce culture.

Schools and organizations are spaces grounded in community, compassion and collective decision-making.

Teaching and leading are acts of activism and should reframe challenges as opportunities.

Open dialogue is encouraged and open-hearts are expected in inclusive schools and organizations.

Framework for Equity & INclusion


Reflecting on your own experiences
Recognizing your own biases(implicit and explicit)


Getting to know your students' and team members' personal stories
Researching the cultural backgrounds and ways of communicating


Establishing a community of learners built on mutual respect and care
Creating a safe and inclusive space where voices are welcomed and collaboration is welcomed


Establishing an academically rigorous or highly productive environment (scaffolding along the way)
Implementing inquiry-based learning, critical thinking strategies, and risk-taking


Establishing alternative assessments based on student and workforce success
Reflecting on leadership practices for individual and team success

testimonials from workshop participants

The presenters gave ample opportunity for discussion and interaction using theory and real world examples”
The information is very relevant to creating a nurturing, equitable, compassionate learning environment and curriculum.”
The workshop leader was interesting and presented the information very clearly. She gave everyone a chance to have input and was respectful of everyone's opinions. I came to this workshop thinking that it might be a waste of time. I was wrong! I enjoyed the discussions as it was very pertinent to the population that I work with.