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Dr. Traci P. Baxley

She is a mother of five children and is driven by compassion, social justice and radical love. She has worked in Pre-K-16 educational settings for almost three decades. Her career in education began as an elementary classroom teacher in a Title I school, where her passion began. After earning a doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction, with areas of specialization in Literacy and Multicultural Education, she began teaching in higher education. Her areas of scholarship include critical literacy, multicultural literature, racial and identity development and Black homeschooling families. She is also interested in investigating school communities and cultures that effectively support the academic and social successes of marginalized groups of students. Additionally, she has co-authored three books, authored numerous publications, presented her research at conferences nationwide, and is currently writing a book on Social Justice Parenting.

leadership team

Dr. Kalisha Waldon,
Lead Curriculum Developer

She has worked in the Pre K-16 system for 15 years as an administrator, teacher/professor, professional development facilitator, and mentor. Dr. Waldon's areas of specialization include multicultural education, reading education, religious education, critical media literacy.

Allyson Copeland,
Instructional Designer

She is an instructional designer and trainer for a Fortune 100 company. She has over 6 years of experience in working with local schools to assist in student and teacher initiatives. She has been designing curricular materials and consulting for 5+ years and is a doctoral candidate where she studies Curriculum and Instruction.

Katrina Williams,
Team Coordinator

She has worked for 16 years as a Software Developer and Technical Analyst for a large Aerospace Engineering Company. While working closely with community-based STEM initiatives, she became increasingly concerned with the limited educational paths of traditionally marginalized students. Katrina currently engages parents of private, public, and homeschooled students to implement personalized pragmatic solutions that enable them to reach full potential.


Shanett Dean

She is an artist and educator currently pursuing her Ph. D at Florida Atlantic University. Her work across disciplines takes a critical view of relationships and hierarchies – particularly at how women and people of color create a global space for creation. Likewise, her research converges on issues of equity and access in education.

Ruth Floreal

She is a mother of 3 and an educator with experience in Early Childhood Education, K-12, and Higher Education. She is a former teacher with the School District of Palm Beach County, Education Supervisor at Palm Beach County Head Start and is currently an instructor at a local community college. She is also pursuing her doctorate degree with a concentration in Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership.

Dr. Nadine L. Leblanc

She is a caring, passionate and resourceful educator for over twenty years. She is an experienced school leader with an outstanding record of school reform, leadership training and development and community engagement. Additionally, she is an Adjunct Professor at a local community college and is also a Cultural Critic with HaitiProgres newspaper.

Iris Minor

She has a Masters in social worker where she’s worked with several organizations such as United Way and The Children’s Services Council, participating in gender and race advocacy initiatives. She is currently a doctoral candidate studying Curriculum and Instruction.

Ashlee Sullivan

She is a mom of three, former 5th grade teacher and has a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with an area of specialization in Multicultural Education. Teaching for social justice in and out of the classroom is her passion.

Dr. Kathryn Wolfe

She has a doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction and currently teaches courses in curriculum design, teacher education, and the humanities. She has established and designed a variety of courses for both the secondary and college level. Her research extends into a wide array of areas including culture and identity, curriculum and culture within faith-based education, and pedagogy in religious education.