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Social Justice Parenting:
Transforming Fear into Radical Love

Coming in 2020

“The goal of social justice parenting is to raise a child who can ultimately self-advocate, empathize with others, recognize injustices and become proactive in changing it. Even when I am full of fear, I continue to believe in the power of love, to change hearts and to change minds, and I remain hopeful. There is no bigger responsibility or privilege than to raise the next generation of children who are humane, compassionate, and socially conscious.”   Traci Baxley 

In the current political climate more parents are parenting from a place of reaction and fear. In conjunction, studies show there is increased anxiety in children of all ages. Many current social issues are rooted in the denial of basic human dignity and the intolerance of differences which trigger communities to mistrust and isolate themselves from one another. In an overwhelming and primal effort to shield and protect our children from any harm, we are seeing a rise in parenting styles that may, in fact, add to children’s heightened fear of others and overall stress.

What if we could use this fear to propel us to positive change?

What if we could turn this fear into a curiosity for learning?

What if we could transform fear into action and radical love?

Social Justice Parenting gives families permission to live with audacity and boldness, not fear and control. It’s about naming that fear and walking through it to see what’s on the other side. In this book, I offer five building blocks that parents can implement immediately and engage in the practice of social justice parenting. R.O.C.K.S are the Building Blocks of your journey into social justice parenting:





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I offer practical, accessible ways to embed social justice conversations and actions into your families’ daily practices. This book is for anyone one who wants to raise children who are compassionate, socially conscious, and want to make a difference in the world.

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