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Engage participants in the construction of consciousness or awareness and developing an attitude of open-mindedness.

Encourage introspective reflection surrounding current pedagogical practice, cultural bias, etc.

Challenge traditional practices that often silences or marginalizes certain groups .

Introduce equity pedagogy and an inclusion model of working with diverse groups.

Provide practical techniques and strategies for educators and leaders to effectively lead in diverse settings and promote the success of all.

Assist participants in recognizing the assets of the people they work with and to infuse various funds of knowledge and experiences in the classroom or workplace.

Ask participants to explore current policies, procedures, mandates and how these may further marginalize already disenfranchised groups.

Evaluate current practices and create a partnership of trust and mutual respect for all stakeholders.

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Data has consistently represented Black students as having the largest academic gap when compared to their peers. This workshop explores the (perceived) salient educational issues Black students face. Engaging with BrownSchooling’s instructional model, participants are asked to shift their mindset in how to use students’ funds of knowledge to create an academic and social environment where Black students can thrive.

Educators hold biases that inform how we teach, lead and relate to students in poverty. Participants become cognizant of these biases while engaging in self-reflective practices. This workshop assists in building recognition of the personal misconceptions and stereotypes, and understand the systemic inequities faced by marginalized groups of students, specifically children living in poverty.

In an era of accountability, educators are searching for strategies to balance standards-driven curriculum and the need to support students’ development in becoming ethical social justice-minded citizens. In this workshop practitioners will be challenged to problematize traditional classroom instruction and move toward the inclusion of students’ voice and choice in the classroom. Participants will explore the elements of a social justice classroom and learn practical ways to create critical space for social engagement within the current curriculum.

Today’s families are often pulled in many directions that  impact the balance between the strong school and home partnership. In this workshops, participants will explore innovate ways to rethink traditional practices to build school-home partnerships with today’s families.

Your company is only as valuable as the talent it recruits and retains. This is why actively creating and cultivating a diverse workforce and a culture of inclusion is paramount to productivity and success. In this session, we will focus on your company’s responsibility for fostering a positive work culture, but most importantly, the emphasis will be placed on individuals’ role in sustaining an inclusive workSPACE where all colleagues are valued.

Leaders often find it challenging to give feedback due to a lack of clarity of the organization’s goals or standards of success. Fear often leads to critical or superficial feedback that is not beneficial to team members’ development. It takes courage to provide feedback that is specific, actionable,  and grounded in servant leadership. Courageous feedback is required for professional and organizational growth. This session calls for leaders to gain an understanding of how to compassionately equip others to succeed.

Inclusive team members engage in self-reflection and recognize how their own unconscious biases may impact colleagues and workplace culture.  In this session, team members will be challenged to uncover personal hidden assumptions and biases that may impact working relationships and inclusive practices within the organization. Collaboratively, we will discuss why these biases exist, why they should be challenged, and how to foster a culture of belonging and improved intercultural communication.

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customized trainings

After an initial consultation, we can develop customized diversity & inclusion trainings and workshops to meet the specific needs of your school, district, organization or corporation. 

Dr. Traci baxley is available for speaking engagements .

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